The family registers in this WEB Site are the result of genealogical information obtained from many sources over the last eight years. In the History Section below, I will discuss how the collection process evolved.

My WEB Site and the family registers are for use only by relatives. It is not avalable to the general public. I ask everyone who receives the User Name and Password to keep it for their own use and not pass it on to others. If a relative desires access to this WEB Site, I request that they contact me for the User Name and Password. In this way I will be able to keep tract of the names of users.

I wish to acknowledge and extend my sincere appreciation to the individuals who have shared the results of their work.

John Koops, Denver, CO --- Koops and Ramakers descendant charts.

Aloise Ramaker -- For Ramaker Tales

Dr. Alan Carey, Bloomsburg, PA--- The Ramaker Family by Ruth Minne Jeanette Ramaker Carey and Alan Donald Carey. Note: These Ramakers emigrated from the municipalities of Dinxperlo and Gendringen in the Netherlands and settled in Sheboygan, Wisconsin or Filmore County, Minnesota. Some descendants later moved to Sioux Center, Iowa.

Jess Ramaker, -- Worked with Dr, Alan Carey on the Holland Ramakers, and provided a descendant chart on the Holland Ramakers.

Tricia Hammond, Director of Research, Genealogical Research Associates, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah --- Search for the true identity of "Little" Stephen Ramaker.

Gilbert Deters, deceased -- Photographs and a descendant chart on his family.

Julian Deters, deceased, -- Photographs and introduction to Frank Laurens.

Frank Laurens, Zoefemeer, Netherlands --- A book entitled "My Name is Deters, Kleine Deters." Frank has a WEB Site at:

Gerrit Schippers, Neuenhaus, Germany --- Photographs, many descendant charts, and information from
church records on the Ramakers and their relatives in Germany.

Swenna Harger, Holland, Michigan --- A book entitled "The County of Bentheim and Her Emigrants To North America"

Martin Kleine Deters, Auckland, New Zealand, -- For register reports on the Kleine Deters, and Zwiers/Sweers families.

Wilma Hoekstra Vande Berg, Sioux Center Iowa --- Two books - "A People With Convictions: A History of Sioux Center, Iowa 1870 - 1991." and "Vande Berg Family History - Vanden Berg - Vander Berg" by Wilma J. Vande Berg.

John Byker, Mount Vernon, WA, for files on the Snyders/Sneiders and the Bentheim Ramakers.

Marilyn Bogle, Bentonville, AR -- a book entitled: The Robert Milford Davis and Frances Elizabeth Cash Family 1700 - 1995.

Mardie Geiser de Lao, Ponce, Puerto Rico -- "The Geisers in America" compiled by Burton Sauer, deceased.

Dr. Frank Jordan, deceased , -- For the Jordan family history with a descendent chart going back to Adam & Eve.

Bruce Poppen, Jim DePoy and H. Carol Trenery -- For files from "The Poppen Trails.

Dale Ter Haar, South Holland, IL, -- For information on the Ter Haar Family.

Dorothy Reling, North Central Kansas Genealogical Society, Cawker City, KS, -- For introducing me to Waconda Roots and Branches; and, for information on the Oak Creek Settlers and the Jacob Deters family.

Maria Evert-Nye, (Lizzie), Mitchell County Historical Society, Beloit, Kansas -- Introduction to the MCHS newsletter, which provides information on early Kansas settlers.

Gordon Tans, Anchorage, Alaska, -- For information on the Ramakers in America.

Betty Nyhoff, Muskegon, MI -- For a book entitled "My Father's House." This book tells of the lives of a rural family in old Holland going back to the 1600's. Betty also provided pictures of Piccardie and Georgsdorf Germany. The pictures were taken by her daughter Thea during a visit to Germany in 1998.

My daughter, Connie Simmons Howard, who did a class paper in 1972 on the Simmons family history. The paper was based upon conversations with my father, Roy Nathaniel Simmons, and my mother, Helen Irma Shellhaas. This class paper and supporting documents were the basis for my beginning studies in our family genealogy.

John H. Judy, the son of Susannah Forney, who was the 6th child of the Elder John Forney. In 1945 John H. Judy wrote a document telling of the emigration of the Elder John Forney family from Somerset County Pennsylvania to Ogle County Illinois, to Falls City, Nebraska and finally to Abilene, Kansas. The story is of a covered wagon caravan, one and a half miles long, which brought a large colony of early settlers to Falls City, Nebraska. The family later moved to Abilene, Kansas. for the wonderful Camp Family Website.

Mary Ann Rhodes for files on the Forney Family.

Kim Turner for files on the Hoffa/Shelley/Schneider Families.

Lamar Davis for information on the Davis Clan. (My paternal grandmother was the daughter of Robert Milford Davis).

In August 2011, I received an E-Mail from Susan Hunter of Bloomington, IL .  Susan opened a door to the ancenstry of Margery Hankins, the wife of Pyramus Camp.  Up to this time it was thought that Margery Hankins was Margery Hawkins and was 100% Cherokee Indian.  Documentation, furnished by Susan, proved that my prior information was in error.  I will be eternally grateful to Susan Hunter for setting the record straight.


Other individuals with whom I have corresponded and received information are as follows:

Irene Ingram, Silvia Ramaker, Ken Nyhoff, Fred Ramaker, John De Zeeuw, Bertha Ramaker, Dwight Harrison, Glenn Ramaker, Kenneth Otte, David Deters and Bobby Shellhaas.