Camp Family

Pyramus B. Camp was born on 11 August 1801 in Spartenburg County, SC. He died in Union, Hot Springs, AR, on 28 Aug 1871. He was 70.

Pyramus B. Camp was a descendant of Thomas Campe and Elizabeth Boreham who lived and were married in England in 1532.

On 1 November 1827 when Pyramus was 26, he married Margery G. Hankins in Laurens Co., SC. Margery was born on 9 May 1812 in North Carolina and died on 20 Jan 1876. She was 63. Her place of burial is unknown.

Based upon information from, Margery was thought to be 100% Cherokee Indian and her name was Hawkins not Hankins. This has since been proven to be incorredt. Margery Hankins WAS NOT a Cherokee. She was only 15 years of age when she married Pyramus Camp. They had 13 children.

The 10th child was Margaret Emma Camp who married my great grandfather Nathaniel Elijah Simmons on 21 July 1867. Both Margaret and Nathaniel died of the plaque about 1887 when my grandfather, John Wesley Simmons, was about 12 years of age.

The place of burial for Nathaniel and Margaret is unknown. They may have been living in Augusta, Arkansas at the time of their deaths.